Everything you need to know about bathdelicious, our reviews, the products we chose, and more. Don’t see your question listed here? Please contact us and we’ll get an answer to you immediately. In addition, if it’s a question we feel would benefit our readers, we’ll add it to the page here.

Who are you?
Good question. bathdelicious is a wholly owned subsidiary of RedLime Web Development. RedLime has been developing websites for soapmakers and handcrafted toiletry makers for nearly 6 years. We’re always looking for ways to help promote this craft and the extremely talented artisans within it.

Ok, so you do websites for soapmakers. Why are you doing this? Is it about the free stuff?
Not in the least. Cherie, founder of RedLime and creator of bathdelicious, has an absolute passion for all things soap and bath related. Through the years, via her own clients as well as others in the field, she has run into a staggering number of folks who are creating what could be realistically titled “the Next Big Thing.” Many of these products never get the limelight they so fully deserve and so she decided to do her part to help get the word out there. bathdelicious is the result of this vision and dream.

What is the fee?
There is no fee for this. There is no cost to you to have your product reviewed. We hope to see advertising at some point, but for the time being, this is a labor of love.

What kind of products do you review?
Well, as the site states, we review bath and body products. There are too many items that fall into this broad category to list. Suffice to say, if you bathe with it or use it somewhere on your body, it’s probably open for review.

Why should I send you my product? What makes this site different from any other review site?
Well, I’m not sure! We’ve been around for a number of years and have a reputation as one of the top web design firms for soapers. I suppose that our reputation speaks for us. We love bath and body products and this is just our simple way of helping other small home-businesses to succeed. Being a part of the cottage industry ourselves, we’re always on the look out for ways to help promote not only our own clients, but others we think should really be given the chance.

What about advertising?
If you are interested in banner advertising, please contact us for more information. We’ll get back to you with rates and other information once this has been set up.

What can I advertise?
Being that this is a bath and body review site we encourage bath and body sites. We will consider other businesses on a per-inquiry basis.