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At bathdelicious we rate and review a new upscale bath & body product every Monday. We focus on such important aspects as value, quality, scent, packaging, and whether or not we feel the item deserves the bathdelicious seal of approval (SoA). Once a product has been awarded our SoA, the store owner may place this seal near the product on their website so current and future customers world-wide can see in an instant that the product has a satisfactory review rating at bathdelicious.

If you would like to submit one of your own products for review, please use the suggest a product link and fill out the form found there. You can suggest one of your own products or a product belonging to another person. Not every product suggested will be reviewed.

If you are curious about whether we have already reviewed a product you are interested in, you can view past reviews on our past products page.

Reviews and all information found at bathdelicious is free-of-charge. There is never any charge to read a review or for a product to be reviewed. The bathdelicious website is provided as a service to the general public.

The products reviewed at bathdelicious are upscale products. An upscale product is one that has professional packaging and labeling, a higher-than-average cost, and could easily be found at a high-end store such as Saks or Neiman Marcus. If a product suggested or submitted does not meet our standards of what constitutes upscale, the product will not be reviewed. More information on this can be found at the FAQ’s page.